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How The 2020 Election May Affect Your Finances


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One question that have been on the minds of many Americans is “how the upcoming election will affect my financial portfolio”? Especially this year, with over $15 trillion dollar debt burden, continued economic uncertainty and high unemployment rates, people aren’t sure what will happen to their own personal finances. But a key step to dealing with uncertainty is gaining knowledge that can help you make critical financial decision.

Thursday, September 24 @ 6 pM

How the 2020
Election May
Affect Your Finances

The upcoming elections will have important financial ramifications from a new administration or a second term for President Donald Trump.  Many investors believe the outcome of the election will impact the markets.

You may be concerned with that too, but by investing your time on this webinar, you will learn need-to-know information that can help you position your financial portfolio to prepare for this uncertainty.  

With over 30 years of experience

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Mark Flater is a Registered Investment Advisor and President of Mid-American Wealth.  His financial services career began over 30 years ago. He takes a great pride in his ability to help clients create solid financial solutions to common problems, and through his conservative approach has helped many people safeguard their investments and experience financial freedom. 

Gain knowledge to help you make important financial decision

How the 2020 election may affect your finances